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Hardwired... To Self-destruct - Metallica (CD) - Deluxe Edition

Hardwired... To Self-destruct - Metallica
Deluxe Edition
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Artist: Metallica
Category: Metal  >  Heavy
Release Date: 18/11/2016
Publisher: Universal Music
Barcode 0602557156317
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Disc 1

Track # Track Name Artist Duration
1 Hardwired Metallica
2 Atlas, Rise! Metallica
3 Now That We're Dead Metallica
4 Moth Into Flame Metallica
5 Dream No More Metallica
6 Halo On Fire Metallica

Disc 2

Track # Track Name Artist Duration
1 Confusion Metallica
2 ManUNkind Metallica
3 Here Comes Revenge Metallica
4 Am I Savage? Metallica
5 Murder One Metallica
6 Spit Out the Bone Metallica

Disc 3

Track # Track Name Artist Duration
1 Lords of Summer Metallica
2 Ronnie Rising Medley: A Light in the Black/Tarot Woman/Stargazer/Kill the King Metallica
3 When a Blind Man Cries Metallica
4 Remember Tomorrow Metallica
5 Helpless Metallica
6 Hit the Lights Metallica
7 The Four Horsemen Metallica
8 Ride the Lightning Metallica
9 Fade to Black Metallica
10 Jump Into the Fire Metallica
11 For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica
12 Creeping Death Metallica
13 Metal Militia Metallica
14 Hardwired Metallica


Tenth studio album from the American heavy metal band, and their first in eight years. The album, which includes the singles 'Hardwired', 'Moth Into Flame' and 'Atlas, Rise!', entered the UK Albums Chart at #2. This deluxe edition includes an additional third disc which features live tracks recorded at Rasputin Music in Berkeley in April 2016.

Product Info

Media : CD
Number of discs : 3 disc(s)
Production year : 2016
Edition : Deluxe Album Digipak
Artist : Metallica
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