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Homefront (Xbox 360)

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Release Date: 18/03/2011
Publisher: THQ
Barcode 4005209144018
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War, huh? What is it good for, anyway? Absolutely nothing? Tell that to the North Koreans - they've managed to take over the good ol' USA with a tonne of nuclear weapons on their collective back. America as a nation has fallen, its military in disarray and infrastructure utterly shattered. Without wanting to provoke the Greater Korean Republic, the country's key allies have backed off and decided not to touch the situation with a 40 foot pole. So it's up to the American people to do something about it, in a ravished landscape during the year 2027 where Koreans still patrol the streets. Stadiums have become detention centres, and shopping malls have changed into makeshift warehouses for heavily armoured tanks. The surviving populace of the USA are either prisoners, collaborators or revolutionaries. You step into the shoes of a member of the Resistance, challenging the occupying force in a fight for freedom. A single-player campaign written by Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn scribe John Milius leads you through some explosive action and gripping scenes alongside a cast of memorable characters. With guerrilla tactics the only way forward against a highly armed opponent, this first-person shooter will take you to some visceral and interesting places. And this seeps into the multiplayer modes too, where infantry, tanks, attack helicopters and combat drones can be called to assist you in your battle for online domination!


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Media : Xbox 360
Edition : Initial release
Number of players : 1-32
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