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In Plain Sight (DVD)

In Plain Sight
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Category: Television  >  Drama
  • Douglas Henshall, 
  • Martin Compston, 
  • Sorcha Groundsell
Release Date: 09/01/2017
Barcode 5014138609337
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Three-part ITV drama that follows Scottish Detective William Muncie (Douglas Henshall) as he tries to apprehend serial killer Peter Manuel (Martin Compston). The story begins in 1946 when Muncie arrests a 16-year-old Manuel for a number of sexual assaults in Lanarkshire. Nine years later, Manuel is released from prison, only to commit more crimes on random victims and taunt Muncie from a distance. When justice finally catches up with him once again Manuel chooses to represent himself in court and does so successfully but Muncie remains convinced of his guilt. With an unprecedented killing spree gripping the area, can Muncie finally find a way to put Manuel away for good?

Product Info

Media : DVD
Duration : 132
Number of discs : 1 disc(s)
Production year : 2016
Full Cast : Douglas Henshall, Martin Compston, Sorcha Groundsell, Shauna MacDonald, Kate McLaughlin, Joanne Thomson, Gavin Jon Wright, Jack Greenless, Jenny Hulse, Louise McCarthy
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